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We provide weight loss treatments to help you reach your goals. To learn more, schedule an appointment here at our Pullman, WA office.

What Is A Good Weight Loss System?

When it comes to weight loss, your body is a temple that should be taken care of properly. At Le Papillon Wellness & Aesthetics, we believe that effective weight loss treatments feature an integrated approach that combines ongoing support with effective procedures. If you find yourself struggling with unwanted fat or if you wish to improve your overall well-being, we encourage you to visit our center and explore our full range of weight loss services. 


Why Medical Weight Loss? 

Obesity is a serious health issue that digs beyond the surface. Being overweight can put you at a higher risk of developing serious health conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and sleep apnea. Despite these consequences, many find it difficult to stick to a diet and exercise program. Losing weight on your own isn’t easy, and results can take a long time to appear. This is why Le Papillon Wellness & Aesthetics is pleased to offer ongoing support and comprehensive treatment options to those struggling to shed those extra pounds. 

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What Does Medical Weight Loss Treat? 

An effective weight loss program is designed to address the body inside and out. By reaching out to our center, you will be taking the first step toward not only losing weight but gaining the skills necessary to keep it off as well. When you come in for a weight evaluation, our specialists will take the time to get to know you and your specific goals. 

By taking the time to get to know you, our treatments can effectively reduce the appearance of unwanted fat on your body, lower your health risk profile, improve your habits, and get you on the right track toward wellness. 

What To Expect From Our Weight Loss Program? 

After your first visit to our clinic, you will walk away knowing yourself better. In addition, you will be given a custom medical weight loss plan to help you reach your goals. While it will be up to you to keep up with your exercise and diet plans, we will be here to guide you through the process every step of the way. Additionally, we can provide you with aesthetic treatments should you need them to help you sculpt your body and improve your appearance.

Medical Weight Loss Results 

People who follow our advice and take advantage of our services notice dramatic improvements in their lives. Some of the benefits of our program include improved blood pressure, less joint pain, better sleep, and increased self-confidence. After your first session at Le Papillon Wellness & Aesthetics, we encourage you to come back and see us again. With every follow-up visit, we will adjust your plan as needed to help you maintain your look and your health. 

How Much Does Treatment Cost? 

Pricing varies. The price of your treatment will depend on what type of treatment is ideal for you. During your initial consultation, Dr. Decker can determine what approaches will work best to help you meet your goals. 

These may address nutrient deficiencies, the need for increased exercise, and hormone imbalances that could be uncovered during your visit. The details of your treatment plan, including the cost, will be reviewed with you at your consultation.

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